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Go from working in any industry to owning a Healthcare business in the Drug Testing and Clinical Lab Industry!

The goal of Launch your Lab is to:

  • Provide you with the tools and resources you need to start your healthcare company that has a focus on Drug Testing, Health & Wellness Labs, and DNA Testing.

  • Equip you with confidence in administering Drug Tests through hands-on and virtual Mock Simulations.

  • Guide you in setting up your lab accounts and establishing relationships with lab partners.

  • Give you insight on creating the ideal brand identity so you can market your services and attract clients!

Our Program

Work with our team in building your new business venture! 

Our goal is to make it a seamless transition and provide support once you’ve launched.


We’ve helped drug test centers and clinical labs all over the country increase their bottom line, build an effective team and run their business more seamlessly.


With this program:

  • Learn about the Drug Testing and Clinical Lab Business so you can start a new stream of revenue

  • Have access to a Member Lounge where you can network with other Medical Professionals and Lab Owners Across the Country

  • Learn how to create content that attracts customers to your business

  • Achieve the right mindset to gain the maximum market shares in a Billion Dollar Industry


Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, we're here to inspire and equip you with valuable insights to propel your journey.

Sheila Michelle Foye

CEO. Coach. Entrepreneur.

Client Wins

Listen to what our previous clients have to say

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Candice Ray

Candice Ray

CEO, Helping Hands Warming Hearts Screening

Today I signed the new partnership... At their current volume that’s a XXX deal. If I can excel at this and keep going unit by unit we can have a multi million dollar contract on our hands in few years.


Thank you for always helping us think bigger and playing the real game and not this internet stuff.

Road to 1M review graphics.png
Tasha Caldwell

Tasha Caldwell

CEO, Vain Resultz by D'vonne

This was the blueprint!


Great opportunity to learn more avenues to focus on. Building and Scaling.

Road to 1M review graphics.png
Tanya Dalrymple

Tanya Dalrymple

CEO, Aqua IV Hydration and Wellness

I found Michelle on IG and I had to come and see what she had to offer and I was so overwhelmed with all the information that she gave me.

And I'm happy that I took it!

Road to 1M review graphics.png
Christella Medozile

Christella Medozile

CEO, Prestige Medical Lab Diagnostic Solutions

Before I opened my lab, I joined the Launch Your Lab mentorship program where everything is done for me so that I can focus on my other tasks to propel my business to the next level and so far everything is going very well!

Road to 1M review graphics.png
Katrina Landrum

Katrina Landrum

CEO, Kismet Screening Labs

I wanted to get more insights and to be with powerful black women - to learn more knowledge from other people that I don't have within myself.


And I'm loving the program! Remember. Do something for you. Do you. Be your own boss.

Road to 1M review graphics.png
Tamra Lillie

Tamra Lillie

CEO, Premier Lab and Screening

Michelle was speaking about God blessing your business and one thing that I remembered vividly, she said, "How is He gonna bless it when you're not pronouncing it?" 

When you make a vision, get seen, be visible to your customers so you can get blessed. 




  • What is Drug Testing?
    Drug testing is the evaluation of urine, blood or another type of biological sample to determine if the subject has been using the drug or drugs in question. There are many circumstances that may require drug testing: Pre-employment drug screening test or random, work-related drug testing to identify on-the-job drug abuse. College or professional athletic drug testing. Post-accident drug testing - a vehicular or on-the-job accident which may have involved human error and resulted in casualties or property damage. Safety-related drug testing - if an employee's job could lead to safety issues if judgement or physical ability were impaired.
  • What is Urine Drug Testing?
    Urine is the most common sample type used for drug testing by employers. A urinalysis will show the presence of a drug in the system after the drug effects have worn off; however, the length of time varies by drug. Urine is the only sample type approved for testing of the federally mandated, safety-sensitive workforce.
  • How do I schedule an appointment for specimen collection at a drug testing facility?
    Give us a call at (404) 549-7346 and schedule your appointment with us.
  • How accurate are drug tests?
    The accuracy of drug tests can depend on several factors, including the type of test, the drug being tested for, and the laboratory conducting the test. Urine, blood, hair, saliva, sweat, and nails are some samples used for drug testing, and the accuracy of the test largely depends on the test's sensitivity and specificity.
  • What factors can affect the results of a drug test?
    Various factors can influence the results of a drug test. Here are some factors that can affect drug test results: Metabolism and individual differences: Each person's metabolism and physiology can impact how their body processes and eliminates drugs. Factors such as age, weight, liver function, and genetics play a role in drug metabolism. Drug interactions: Certain medications or substances can interfere with drug test results. For example, some medications may produce false-positive or false-negative results, leading to incorrect interpretations. It's important to disclose any medications or supplements you're taking to the testing administrator. Dosage and frequency of drug use: The amount and frequency of drug use can affect detection windows. Higher doses or more frequent use may increase the likelihood of detection in drug tests. Timing of drug use: The time elapsed between drug use and the drug test can impact detection. Different drugs have different detection windows, with some being detectable for shorter periods than others. Sample integrity and handling: Contaminated or mishandled samples can lead to inaccurate results. Proper collection, labeling, and storage of samples are crucial for reliable testing. Fluid intake and urine dilution: Drinking excessive fluids or using certain methods to dilute urine can potentially impact the concentration of drugs in the urine and lead to inconclusive or misleading results. Testing method and technology: Different drug tests have varying sensitivities and detection thresholds. Some tests may have higher chances of false positives or false negatives, depending on the method used.
  • How is the privacy of my drug test results protected?
    The privacy of drug test results is protected by federal and state laws, as well as industry regulations, to ensure confidentiality and maintain the integrity of the testing process.

Got you intrerested?


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