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Core Competencies

This organization boasts unique government contracting advantages in the domains of drug testing, clinical laboratory services, and transportation compliance, setting it apart in the market. The organization's overarching mission is to educate and act as a catalyst for workplace safety as well as community economic and health disparities.

  1. National Network Presence: An extensive national network enhances the capacity to promptly address urgent needs and provide timely solutions. 

  2. Recognized Industry Excellence: The company's exceptional contributions have been acknowledged through the Business Innovation Award presented by Help for Healthcare Professionals. 

  3. Visible Leadership: The CEO's prominent appearances on various media platforms, including Business Sharks, GBC Media, Voyage, and more, serve as a testament to the company's influence and expertise. 

  4. Comprehensive Entrepreneurial Support: Beyond its core services, the company stands out by actively fostering and empowering entrepreneurship through the intricacies of workplace compliance, safety, and health/wellness. 

  5. Proven Track Record: With a history of supporting 500+ companies, and 1,000+ entrepreneurs, the organization possesses the ability to deliver tangible results that equip clients with the tools for results. 


  • Establishment and management of an Occupational Health/Lab Network

  • 24/7 national DOT compliance provider
    Expertise in consultancy for small & mid-size Healthcare initiatives

  • Project management specialization

  • Improvement of mission critical business process operations

  • Skillful oversight of ERP & IT projects

  • Public sector and government support

Past Performance

Precis Screening LLC (formerly Vision Consulting Partners) 

CEO 2022 - Present

  • Operate occupational health, workplace compliance, and community health screenings organization

  • Provide project management and consulting for healthcare start-ups and mid-sized firms

  • Develop strategic sales and marketing plans

Big 4 Consulting, Corporate Conglomerates - Various Verticals
Senior Project Leader  2001 - 2021

  • Championed and implemented project management office methods throughout the Enterprise. 

  • Managed a portfolio inclusive of a CRM replacement, system stabilization upgrades, and a Back Office ERP implementation. 

  • Led implementation, major enhancements, and production support of PeopleSoft HCM & FSCM 8.x- 9.x 











Custom Computer Programming

Electrical Contractors & Other Wiring Installation Contractors

Rubber and Plastics Hoses & Belting Manufacturing

Software & Other Prerecorded Compact Disc, Tape & Record Reproducing

Institutional Furniture Manufacturing

Computer & Computer Peripheral

Equipment & Software Merchant

Software Publishers

Motion Picture & Video Production Satellite Telecommunications

Contact Us


Sheila Michelle Foye, CEO

3500 Lenox Rd #1500, Atlanta, GA 30326, USA

+1 (404) 964-8401


We look forward to working with you!

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